Kathy Engel

The horse leads me
to water
she steps over stones
like a ballerina
breathes hot air into my
waiting face
she stomps, curls her
brown slender leg
scuffs the ground
with striped hoof
the way I want to;
instinctively I look
for you, brother
who led us both
girl and horse, brown
hair swishing, lead shank
in one hand, coca cola
in the other, only a rifle
then, for duck hunting,
he’s gone, I say
over and over, aloud;
the horse throws her head
back, leads me,
again, to water

Kathy Engel has spent her life working at the intersection of art, imagination and social change. Her most recent books are “Ruth’s Skirts”, IKON, and “We Begin Here: Poems for Palestine and Lebanon”, Interlink Books, which she co edited with Kamal Boullata. She teaches in the Art and Public Policy Program of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and with Alexis De Veaux directs Lyrical Democracies/The Center for Poetic Healing.

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