May 9, 2014

Welcome to The Wide Shore: A Journal of Global Women’s Poetry. The Wide Shore is a global literary journal dedicated to connecting women’s voices. We are committed to publishing poetry that reveals and unearths that which has been hidden, masked, buried, or unexpressed. We invite newly translated works by women whose voices have yet to reach wider shores.

Launching The Wide Shore is a dream realized for the three of us— poets and activists with deep roots in a broad spectrum of communities. This inaugural issue embraces poets both well known and emerging, and whose voices fill an essential space for women around the globe. To our knowledge this journal is unique in focus and scope. We aspire for it to occupy uninhabited or silenced territories.
The Wide Shore sets out on a course traveled by our mentors. With our growing feet, we step into their huge shoes, creating a place for women to gather in a global poetry community. We remember and honor the publications and groups that made our worlds more capacious, naming what had been unnamable, including: The Women’s Press Collective, Out & Out Books, Stealing the Language: The Emergence of Women’s Poetry in America, Sinister Wisdom, The Cancer Journals, and The Dream of a Common Language. And we are grateful for all the brave poets who carved out new languages of identity, politics, sex, and love, including Audre Lorde, Adrienne Rich, Judy Grahn, Joan Larkin, June Jordan, Alicia Ostriker. They made our lives possible, and The Wide Shore necessary.
As Gwendolyn Brooks wrote, we are each other’s/ harvest:/ we are each other’s/ business:/ we are each other’s/ magnitude and bond.
With appreciation for this community, for poetry, and for all that continues to be possible,
Founding editors~
Cheryl Boyce-Taylor
Janlori Goldman
Caits Meissner 

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