Vsaka Soba and Soba 108 by Maja Vidmar and translated by Kelly Lenox and Barbara Korun

Vsaka Soba
Maja Vidmar
Translated by Kelly Lenox and Barbara Korun

Sploh ne pišem
o ljubezni,
ki tako ali drugače
premika roke.
Sploh ne pišem
o rokah,
ki delajo vse,
kar se da narediti
z rokami.
Pišem o sobi,
ki je ta hip
odprla svoj tu.

Every Room

I don’t write at all
about love,
which moves
hands this way and that.
I don’t write at all
about hands
which do all the work
that can be done
with hands.
I write about the room
which has just now
opened its here.

Soba 108

Na svetli luni
nisva odpirala

Na kolenu je
obvisel izdajalski
hrastov list.

Na recepciji
nihče ničesar
ni opazil.

Na samem, v sobi,
sva bila sama
pred sabo zasačena.

Room 108

Under the bright moon
we did not open our

On a knee
clung a traitor
oak leaf.

At the reception desk
no one noticed
a thing.

In the room by ourselves
we caught ourselves

Maja Vidmar is one of Slovenia’s leading female poets and her work is widely translated and published abroad. Her books have received both the Jenko Award (the highest honor for a book of poetry in Slovenia) and the Prešeren Fund Award, as well as the Grosser preis für osteuropäische Literatur (Vienna) in German translation.

Kelly Lenox’s poems, translations, and prose appear in American Journal of Nursing, Faultline, Dirty Goat, RHINO, The Drunken Boat, and elsewhere. Other translations appear in Voice in the Body (Ljubljana: Litterae Slovenicae, 2006), Six Slovenian Poets (Lancaster, U.K.: Arc Publications, 2006), and a chapbook, Chasms, by Barbara Korun (PM Books: 2003). Her manuscript, The Brightest Rock, was a finalist in the 2013 Jacar Press Poetry Book contest.

Barbara Korun is a ground-breaking poet and well-respected critic in Slovenia and Central Europe. She has served as the secretary of the Slovenia PEN Center. Her poetry has been translated into twenty-four languages and published in more than fifty anthologies throughout Europe and the US, including New European Poets (St. Paul: Graywolf, 2008).

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