Grandmother’s Etheree by Pooja Nansi

Grandmother’s Etheree
Pooja Nansi

It does not matter how many dinners
have passed since your body gave up on
eating. Always the thought of you
sticks like a lump the size of
lost recipes in my
throat and I fear I
will never taste
love like your
hands in
It is hard
to swallow this
truth even when you
used too much ghee there was
such glee in eating rice you
rolled in your palms, placed laughingly
in my mouth now there is only this
deserted hunger that will not be filled.

Pooja Nansi has published two collections of poetry, Stiletto Scars (2007) and Love is an Empty Barstool (2013). She has also co-written a teacher’s resource for approaching Singaporean Poetry in the classroom called Local Anesthetic (2014). and co-edited an anthology of Singaporean poetry (SingPoWriMO 2014). She curates a monthly spoken word and poetry event in Singapore called Speakeasy at Artistry which has showcased poets from places as diverse as Burma and Botswana. Since 2009, she has also been one half of the spoken word and music duo The Mango Dollies.

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