the offering by Amber Atiya

the offering
Amber Atiya

your favorite dyke eats hoppin’ john
from a chipped blue bowl
kitchen air washed in the scent of black-
eyeds bacon and brine
the sight of rice makes you crave the taste
of sake on her lips
vermilion tie sleeps silk against white
dress shirt untucked
butch realness knock-kneed blows pellets
of jasmine to celebrate
five years since the night she sang husk, hull
in your ear
shed her piru colors and offered
herself to the lake

of you

Amber Atiya is the author of the chapbook The Fierce Bums of Doo-wop (Argos Books, 2014). Her work has appeared recently in The Atlas Review, Nepantla: A Journal of Queer Poets of Color, Boston Review, and Apogee Journal. A proud native Brooklynite, she is a member of a women’s writing group celebrating 13 years next spring.

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