How thrilling that our shore is expanding! How exciting to have you join us on this fertile land. Welcome to the second issue of The Wide Shore: A Journal of Global Women’s Poetry.

We began this issue as we begin all of our conversations: around a kitchen table in New York City, dreaming. Our process of reading is organic – what calls deeply? What skirts the heart along? What feels important and urgent? What woos with story, rhythm, lyric and feeling? What feels good? These poems feel good.
Reading submissions without biographies, it is an astounding experience to lay out the work and find it so organically expansive in location, culture, reach and voice. The poets in this issue are located in or hail from Taiwan, Bali, Japan, Cyprus, Slovenia, England, Trinidad, New Zealand, Singapore, Tanzania, Iran and throughout the United States. You might see some favorite names in the index, and hopefully be introduced to new favorite poets, too. It is a distinct pleasure to witness established voices and emergent voices in fluid conversation and community, and to offer a platform where this connection is possible. Thank you for joining us as we continue building this legacy of celebrating women’s voices.
If you’re new to us, allow us to formally introduce ourselves. The Wide Shore is a global literary journal dedicated to connecting women’s voices. We are committed to publishing poetry that reveals and unearths that which has been hidden, masked, buried, or unexpressed. We invite newly translated works by women whose voices have yet to reach wider shores. Launching The Wide Shore was a dream realized for the three of us— poets and activists with deep roots in a broad spectrum of communities. We aspire to occupy uninhabited or silenced territories, to cultivate an inclusive – and magical – reading experience.
If you identify as a woman and a poet, take note submissions for issue three are open June 1 through July 15, 2015. Please read the journal for a taste of our taste, and check out our guidelines before sending us your poems and translations. Submit here.
As Gwendolyn Brooks wrote, we are each other’s/ harvest:/ we are each other’s/ business:/ we are each other’s/ magnitude and bond.
With appreciation for this community, for poetry, and for all that continues to be possible,
Founding editors~
Cheryl Boyce-Taylor
Janlori Goldman
Caits Meissner

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