M/other’s Day Blues
Bonnie Rose Marcus

So she walks out onto the street after a day of Buddhist teachings and a man sez
Happy Mother’s Day and without missing a beat she sez under her breath in a
guttural tone i ain’t no mother and the man is surprised at the brush off and she’s
taken back by her attitude shot like arrows after all the teachings about everyone
being everyone else’s mother.

That’s when she loses her umbrella and it begins to down pour with thunder shaking
the ground and all she can do is stand huddled and dazed under a roof of scaffolding
next to a flower shop the smell of roses and lilacs mixing with rain salt tears burning
the wound of her loss as the mothers pushing baby carriages and the fathers holding
daughters on their shoulders pass by with their brightly colored umbrellas rising up
into the rainy afternoon.

Bonnie Rose Marcus is the author of The Luminosity, a book of poetry inspired by her work in hospice, published in 2013 with 3:A Taos Press. She is also the Director of the Readings & Workshops Program (East) and Writer’s Exchange, at Poets & Writers, Inc., and the recipient of the 2014 Louis Reyes Rivera Excellence Award for Educator Artists. She has presented her poetry at a variety of venues including Boricua College, The Annual Midwest Literary Walk, The New Mexico Poetry Convention, and the Golden Notebook Bookstore, in Woodstock, New York. Marcus is also a hospice volunteer and facilitates classes in Meditation and Buddhist Studies.

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