Because I want to sleep the sleep of apples – Garcia Lorca
Veronica Golos

Because I want to sleep the sleep of apples,
full fleshed, the sly seed hidden, prolific,
deep; because my trilling body listens to
ground and fire; because a jet overhead;

because I miss neither cider nor vinegar,
but an all together other bitterness;
because I am between the toss of sleep and
half sleep; because even the four colors of rain;

because I have the glossy sunlit skin of one
who’s been alone in a summer garden;
because my body is bidden, then falls and
yet the leaves are full of children; because you

pass and open the iris with your finger;
because I can’t remember which language
is mine; because desire is a mystery,
a bite that wakes the deep sleep of apples.

Veronica Golos is the author of A Bell Buried Deep, winner of the Roerich Poetry Prize (Story Line Press) to be re issued by Tupelo Press; Vocabulary of Silence, winner of the New Mexico Book Award (Red Hen Press), and most recently, ROOTWORK (3: A Taos Press). She is the co editor of the Taos Journal of International Poetry & Art, Poetry Editor for the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, and poetry reader for Tupelo Press.

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